Vibgyor Vibes Motorcycle Construction Toys

Vibgyor Vibes Motorcycle Construction Toys

These are the coolest easy build and play take a part toys for your children! Your little mechanic will keep busy for hours with this easy to assemble build and play construction vehicle building set. Build & Play toy take apart car set for kids encourages mechanical and motor skills. Helps teach children pattern matching and mechanical skills. Our smart take apart toy will engage your kids into creative thinking. Promote hand-eye coordination, let them develop fine motor skills and boost their memory while keeping them entertained for hours! Who could have thought that a simple car puzzle toy could benefit your kid so much? Build your own bike or truck, these take a part fire truck or motorcycle toys promotes mechanical thinking. Build and play tools with power tool construction set. Easily change the direction of the drill by just flipping the switch on the handle. Made from high quality materials, all of the take apart toy pieces have a perfect and snug fit on the Bike. 

Key Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Enhances critical thinking
  • Kids will enhance fine motor skills and self esteem 
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